#MotivationalMonday Nov. 13th

#MotivationalMonday Nov. 13th

Yesterday was #MotivationalMonday and I dropped the ball… Eric and Chuck chatted about what the real definition of hard work is and most of you didn’t even know about it!


So here I am, telling you, to go and be inspired by their words.


Watch it here: https://www.facebook.com/fittribe/videos/1559841717433782/

You can work hard or hardly work. The choice is up to you. From my own experience, I’ve learned that I would much rather grind it out, day after day, to see glimpses of success rather than to just go through the motions, treading water.


When I was a kid, I failed swimming lessons 3 years in a row. I went on to train at the Olympic Training Center for triathlons. I could have easily given up and said “I’m a poor swimmer.” But something in me clicked when I was in the pool, I just couldn’t put it all together when test day came around.


So, I joined the swim team. Day after day, I gave it my all. Good days, bad days, sick days, and holidays, I was there. And when I wasn’t, I read books on form and technique. I studied, I sweated, I gave it my all.


I worked hard to earn my spot on the college team and I continued to push the boundaries. I took that work ethic with me everywhere: school, sports, work, life, etc. Anything you do, do it with effort and do it with passion.


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Committed to Your Success,

Rosie and the Fit Tribe Team