Dear busy moms,

Have you ever thought you were the only woman in the world who struggles with staying motivated, eating healthy, or just making time to go to the gym everyday? Does it seem there are not enough hours in the day? Do you feel like your life would just fall apart if you took even 30 minutes to yourself...

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#MotivationalMonday Nov. 13th

Yesterday was #MotivationalMonday and I dropped the ball... Eric and Chuck chatted about what the real definition of hard work is and most of you didn't even know about it! So here I am, telling you, to go and be inspired by their words. Watch it here: https://www.facebook....

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6 Secrets to the Fit Tribe Cleanse

This week we have over 40 Tribers doing the Fit Tribe Cleanse in Havertown...not including all those in the other locations who are jumpstarting their metabolism! Here are a few secrets to having a successful cleanse!   > Oh yeah, and even if you aren't cleansing...all of these rules apply...

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Flipping through a magazine, you immediately start noticing how much you wish you had her figure or his abs or that look. Then you scroll through social media and see others dripping with success. You find yourself pining over them. You wish you had this or that, you wish you looked a certain way. Y...

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Our Dirty Little Secrets

Today on Fit Tribe TV, we played a game that was **awesome** on so many levels...if you missed it, you can watch it here:  But here's the gist: all the coaches sat on chairs next to each other, Mike read out a phrase that said some...

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