What do jigsaw puzzles and fitness have in common?

When you open a puzzle box… everything is a big mess. If you tried to smash all the pieces together you would end up with an awful end product. It takes time, patience, and diligence to get that perfect picture on the front of the box.


Alone, each piece stands for something. Maybe it’s work ethic..then you find it’s pair – discipline. And they fit together. You slowly start to work towards that masterpiece. Little by little, it starts to come together. You finish the border and set the foundation to build on.


Overtime, that puzzle becomes a complete picture of your goal.


But the purpose of starting is the end result.


When you start at Fit Tribe, your goal is on your forefront of your vision. It’s that picture on the front of the puzzle box. We are striving to reach that end goal.


We help to give you some of the pieces you need to complete the puzzle, but you still hold some of them too. Together, we work as a team to get reach the end.


Results are important.


Results are the reason to start, to keep going, to persevere, and to see everything through to the finish.


Helping you to achieve your results, it our coach’s main focus. We are invested in helping you achieve your goals and feel a sense of pride with every milestone marker you hit.


Together, we are a team made for success.


Together, we are a matching puzzle piece.


“Life isn’t about finding pieces of a puzzle. It’s about creating and putting those exceptional pieces together.”


Committed to Your Success,




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#WOW: Band Camp

Resistance bands are such a versatile tool. You can do so much with it, and it doesn’t take up much space…which is why it’s one of my favorite things to throw the band in my purse or luggage for a workout on the go.


Focus on maintaining tension in the band in this awesome #WorkoutWednesday AMRAP!


Do 10 Reps of each exercise, as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes!


10 SM Band Side Step
10 SM Band Fire Hydrants
10 SM Band No Monies
10 SM Band Peek A Boos


Click the image below or this link to watch the workout video: https://www.facebook.com/fittribe/videos/1547910905293530/



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1. Connection. By committing to something, we are making a connection to our actions. A goal to get healthy is then followed by the actions in which it takes to get there.


2. Passion. Passion is the fire from within that motivates us. Without passion, our actions lack meaning and make that commitment harder to keep.


3. Persistence. Being committed to your goal means there are going to be tough obstacles in the way. Each hurdle must be overcome in order to achieve what you are working so hard for. By continuing through the difficulties, you are committing to yourself.


4. Conscious. Commitment is a conscious effort. It cannot be done thoughtlessly, it requires insight and self-awareness.


5. Purposeful. Commitment involves a choice – it is not a random or haphazard action, it is saying yes to your passions or goals.


6. Inspiring. Commitment inspires you to shoot for the moon, and really give it your all. It’s going to take everything you have in order to reach it and maintain it, but it will always be worth it.


7. Commitment is surrender. Commitment is the giving of ourselves to what we most believe and want. It is the merging of our ideals and our being. We surrender to our ideals and with commitment, live them. We create what we want when we surrender to our commitment.


“Commitment is what transforms a promise into a reality”


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Committed to Your Success,