What You Should Know About Apathy

Apathy is a black hole. It drags you down until you don’t remember your reason why. Apathy is faceless, it lacks any form of emotion. It’s going through the motions and lacking any sort of feeling towards something. It’s a desolate place full of negativity and bad vibes.


Apathy is boring.


Apathy is suppression.


Apathy is where dreams go to die.


Passion is fire. It’s ignited by what you love. It’s full of emotion. It keeps you coming back time after time, asking for more. It’s the internal NEED to do more, or be better, or try harder.


Passion is the willingness to do great.


Passion is felt through your entire being. It’s the core of your reasoning. It’s the one thing you just can’t stop thinking about, talking about, or doing.


Passion can be shared from one person to another, spreading like a wildfire. It sparkles in your eyes, giving them a crazed, excited look. It’s energizing and enthusiastic.


With passion comes dreams. Dreams of doing things thought impossible by others. Dreams dazzle and excite. Dreams turned into goals become success.


Therefore, passion becomes success.


So which would you rather have?


Apathy or success?


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Committed to Your Success,


Cleanse Sushi

Can I eat sushi??

This question pops up all the time. Sticky rice is the glue that holds it together…and that causes your insulin to spike and fat storage…so unless it’s your cheat meal, you want to avoid sushi.


But if you’ve got that craving and want to keep on track, here is a recipe for Cleanse Sushi (cleanse approved!)…or if you finished the cleanse, add some protein to this meal!



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Serves: 1




• 2 organic raw sushi nori sheets
• 1 Avocado, mashed
• ¼-1/2 organic red bell pepper, cut into thin strips
• ¼ large organic carrot, cut into thin strips
• ¼ organic zucchini, cut into thin strips
• ½ cup of alfalfa sprouts (or any other sprouts you enjoy)


Secret Sauce:


• 2-4 Tbs. of nutritional yeast (depends on your taste preference)
• 1 Tbs. of Dijon mustard (can swap out for any mustard you like; honey, hot, sweet, etc.)
• 1-2 tsp. of gluten free, low-sodium Coconut Aminos
• 1 Tbs./squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice
• 1 Tbs. of fresh organic cilantro, finely chopped
• Salt and pepper to taste






1. Mix all ingredients into a small mixing bowl, until a creamy “paste” is created, if you feel the texture is to thick you may add more liquid in the form of water or lemon/lime juice; if you feel the texture is too thin, add more nutritional yeast.




1. Lay the nori sheets on a flat surface, a counter top or cutting board.

2. Cut, dice and mash the avocado into a separate bowl and save on the side for now.

3. Pour and spread half of the Secret Sauce on the closest end of each nori sheet to you (bottom).

4. Spread half of the mashed avocado at the closet end of each nori sheet (where you spread the Secret Sauce).

5. Lay thinly sliced red bell peppers, carrots, and zucchini alongside and on top of the mashed avocado, parallel to the edge of the nori sheet (horizontally).

6. Top with alfalfa sprouts.

7. With a steady yet quick hand, take the edge with all the “filling” and roll/flip over onto the nori sheet just until you can no longer see the “filling”; continue this rolling action untill you reach the other end.

8. Simply wet your index finger with water on the far edge until the nori sheet is damp (this creates a “glue” to hold it all together).

9. Finish rolling and press the wet edge onto the rest of the roll to complete.

10. Lightly dampen your hand with water and run alongside the whole roll to allow the complete nori roll to become slightly damp (this makes it easier to cut).

11. Repeat above for the second nori sheet.




1. You may either slice these rolls into small bite size pieces with a very sharp knife or you may eat as 2 long rolls (which I normally do, especially for a quicker meal).

2. Top with sesame seeds (optional).

3. May use the reserved Secret Sauce for dipping.

4. May serve this along side with a large salad and fermented veggies!

SHH: Post-Cleanse Secret

As many of you saw from my email yesterday, we had an extremely successful first week. Those who did the cleanse restarted their metabolism and shed some unwanted pounds.


Last week, I posted 6 Secrets to the Fit Tribe Cleanse. It was a great little how-to guide to ensure you had a successful week. But now that the cleanse has come and gone, what’s next?


Here’s the biggest secret of the them all: the 9th day.


The cleanse is a great way to get your mindset in the right place, recognize that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, jumpstart your metabolism, and get your body off from craving those sugars. But the nutrition is not something you could sustain long-term…


That’s where the 9th day comes in. What you do the day after the cleanse sets the tone for the future. If you pat yourself on the back and go back to how you ate before, you will only find that week of success.


If you decide to continue to make a conscious effort on your nutrition, maintain laser focus on your goals, and keep a positive mindset then you will find even more success day after day, week after week.


And here’s the best thing! Nutrition post cleanse isn’t difficult. There are 3 simple rules:

1. Eat as much veggies and proteins that your heart desires

2. Eat fruits, nuts, and seeds in moderation

3. Eat carbs, sugars, and alcohol sparingly, 1x/wk and then fast for 14-24 hours afterwards


That’s the basics, don’t try to complicate it. Calories shmalories. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full, cheat once a week, fast after. Period. On the go or don’t have time to cook? Grab some Energy Grille.


So what are you going to do on the 9th day?


Continue to create and embrace a healthy lifestyle and you will shatter your goals.


It’s your choice.

6 Secrets to the Fit Tribe Cleanse

This week we have over 40 Tribers doing the Fit Tribe Cleanse in Havertown…not including all those in the other locations who are jumpstarting their metabolism! Here are a few secrets to having a successful cleanse!


> Oh yeah, and even if you aren’t cleansing…all of these rules apply in your journey to your goals, so regardless of if you are cleansing or not, you should still read these tips below 🙂 <<< 


1. Drink lots and lots of WATER. Water helps you to feel full, while also keeping you hydrated for those workouts. Thirst can trigger hunger signals, so always grab some H2O first to make sure you’re not having mixed signals!


2. Be prepared. Make sure you have everything you need: produce and proteinso you don’t find yourself scrambling because you didn’t have enough food. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Lucky for you, you can always grab an Energy Grille smoothie if you’re really in a bind 🙂


3. Find a buddy. Fortunately, with so many people cleansing, you are BOUND to have someone you know experiencing the same things as you, so lean on them for support and accountability, they will help you throughout the process.


4. Get past Day 3. The resounding opinion of many is that Day 3 is the hardest…you’re not quite halfway there yet and you fasted that morning/afternoon, so it can be a drag. But just stay positive and stay the course because after Day 3, it’s all downhill from there 🙂


5. Be sure to hit reset! After the 7 days are over, make sure during your dinner on day 8 includes some carbs (1/2 sweet potato or some rice). This will boost leptin (metabolism) and you have officially reset your metabolism!


6. Rejoice in your accomplishments! Whether it’s 3 pounds or 11 pounds, give yourself a pat on the back for completing the cleanse and rejoice in your success! So often I hear people say “Well, I only lost 4 pounds…” But HELLO! You lost 4 pounds! And now you can continue to follow a clean diet and 4 turns into 6, 6 turns into 10 and before you know it, you are knocking on your goal.


And my extra super duper, high clearance secret?



BE POSITIVE. Okay, so it’s not THAT secret, but it can often be forgotten or overlooked during the week, or when going through something tough, so that’s why I had to point it out.



Keep these tips and tricks for whenever you need them in the future…and if you are cleansing this week, YOU GOT THIS!!! We are all here for you every step of the way!


If you’re struggling with your nutrition and don’t know where to start, our coaches can help you jumpstart your health goals. Reply to this email and one of our coaches can chat with you and get you set up to come in and make a positive change in your life.


Flipping through a magazine, you immediately start noticing how much you wish you had her figure or his abs or that look. Then you scroll through social media and see others dripping with success. You find yourself pining over them. You wish you had this or that, you wish you looked a certain way. You wish, you wish, you wish…


And you FREEZE.


All that wishing, cripples you. You focus so much on what you don’t have instead of putting your head down and grinding out the work to get there. I guarantee you all of those people you wish your life was like, aren’t busy double tapping pictures wishing their life was different. They’re busy creating. They’re busy with a life full of action. They’re busy with a life full of vision and passion and effort.


You need to be so busy creating your own life the way you imagine it that you don’t notice what anyone else is doing.


STOP trying to be a copy of someone else’s success. You won’t be able to reproduce the same results. That road has been forged before. Be creative, do what makes your soul shine, so you can make your own mark on this world instead of a shadow of someone else’s.


Innovation drives change. Positive change drives success. And success drives your sports car (or Jeep or jet or whatever your heart desires). But start at the basics: what is your why? What is your purpose?


Build from there. Your life should stem from your purpose and be a reflection of that. Everything should align with your overarching desires. And push, and push, and push and be relentless in your journey to you goals. Your head should be filled with ideas and ways to try to push the boundaries…


People will be wishing they were you, but it doesn’t matter…because you just won’t stop.


Find your why and build your life around it. Success will follow you there.


And your health success can follow you here…you can get started on our 6 week challenge starting on Monday October 9th, where you can burn 20 pounds for free! If you go all in, open-minded, and follow your coaches, you will find success! Learn more about it here >>>



Committed to your success,