Rosie’s Ramblings – Visualization

Have you ever wanted something so bad, that you thought about it constantly. You thought how it would effect your life, your emotions, and comfort level. Maybe as a kid, it was a trampoline. You imagined having friends over and playing popcorn. You imagined jumping up and down and the happiness it would bring you. You begged your parents to get you one. You saved your allowance from chores for months. You made that dream a reality.

Visualization is key to attaining goals. Envisioning everything from the physical, mental, and emotional states brings it to real form. Now, find yourself a comfortable place as I take you through a visualization exercise that has helped me to succeed in so many ways. This exercise is done best laying down, but if it’s not possible with where you are at in the moment, you can certainly run through it while you are sitting.

Take a few slow breaths in. Inhale – one, two, three, and slowly exhale. Fill your lungs with oxygen and feel it fill your body. Let your body relax and your mind drift off. Do this a few more times and close your eyes.

You should be feeling a sense of ease. Now, squeeze your toes and clench your feet. Feel that tension. Hold it. And then slowly release it. Feel that stress leave your feet. Work your way up to your calves, again holding tension in the muscles for a few seconds, release it. Then do that for your thighs, abdomen, shoulders, arms, hands, and neck. Each time, feel your body sink deeper and deeper into a relaxed state.

Now that you’re relaxed, envision yourself on a beach. Feel the grainy sand beneath your toes. Hear the waves crashing on the shore. Take a deep breath and smell the salty air as a gentle breeze blows across your face. Feel the warm sun beaming down on you. Feel the relaxation of the moment.

Slowly, pull yourself away from the beach and find yourself walking into the gym. Hear the music playing as you walk in. Imagine who is with you, what you say to them, how you feel. Visualize yourself doing the warm-up, how the stiffness of your body releases as you move your body. Listen as the coaches describe your favorite exercise. It’s your turn.

Your heart rate quickens. The music blasts and you feel the heaviness of the kettlebell in your hand. You focus on your form as your press the weight overhead. You do one, two, five reps. Let yourself feel the exhaustion as you bang out one last rep. Sweat starts to drip as you push harder. Your coach corrects your form as you begin to fatigue. You hear praise as you do it right. You keep pressing on as you envision having the perfect workout and the happiness and excitement that comes from it.

You leave the gym and enter your kitchen. You open your fridge and feel the cool air on your face. It’s stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables. You pull out vegetables and meat and prep your lunch and dinner for the week. Imagine having a perfect week of eating. Your body feels energized and your mind clear.

Now, imagine stepping on that scale 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 months later…whatever your deadline is for you goal. See that number light up. Your heart soars. You hit your goal. You let out a sigh of relief, you feel happiness float through your body. You reward yourself with a new pair of pants, a few sizes smaller. You feel proud as your tell your friends your accomplishment. You did it!

Now, return to that beach. The seagulls are flying and the waves have made it to your feet. You feel the warm water wash over your toes. You let the breeze cool you from the hot sun.

Slowly, pull yourself from the beach. Wiggle your fingers and toes, then move your wrists and ankles as you bring yourself back to reality. Bring yourself from laying down, to sitting, and eventually to standing.

Keep the end feeling, that feeling of happiness and pride as your accomplish your goal with you at all times. You can do small visualizations of that moment whenever you find yourself stuck, faltering, or lacking motivation. Constantly envision your future while you are actively working on creating it so that your focus is always on your north star.


“Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose” – Bo Bennett