Create – Becoming the Butterfly


verb (used with object), created, creating.

to evolve from one’s own thought or imagination, as a work of art or an invention.

The Caterpillar.

We all know them as the slow moving bug (really a larva) who is living its life in order to flourish into a butterfly. The caterpillars sole purpose is to survive long enough in order to dwell into a cocoon so that it can hibernate, ultimately turning into a butterfly. If all goes according to plan, these once slow-moving crawlers become one of natures most magical and colorful dancers.


The most essential part of the life cycle of a butterfly is its necessity to have its own individual cocoon time. This time away from the life it once knew in order to create a new one is necessary for development.


Let’s be more like caterpillars…


We all have goals, visions and ideas of ourself on where we want to be but aren’t…yet. To become that vision we must create it right? Last time I checked, nothing is handed to us in life. We have to take it. Most times the best things are worth waiting for. Worth taking the ‘cocoon time’ to regenerate, plan, plot and create.


My entire twenties was spent waiting around. Waiting for a new job to come along, waiting for an opportunity to fall on my lap, waiting for someone else to take me there, wherever there was. As I transitioned into the fitness industry though, I soon realized that I had to create my own path. I took the time to pause at life and reallocate my efforts into creating a new path rather than walking on the same one I had known. I stopped what was familiar to me. Quitting one job gave me time to focus my efforts more on what I loved doing.


Like a caterpillar, I stopped going through the ordinary motions that weren’t getting me anywhere and took time to dial in and focus. To create a new version of myself. Every human on earth has the ability to do it, why can’t you?


You can take the most current version of yourself and turn it into a more colorful and energized version. Most of the time we fail at creating a better version of ourself because we do not think to step away from the very things that are preventing us from succeeding. Time away from vices and inhibitors is the most important part of a transformation. Want to lose weight? Stop going out to eat and stay home. Want to build more muscles? Go to the gym an extra day of the week. Starting a business? Spend more time working on your plan when everyone else is out for beers. Whatever your goal is…take you and your goal, wrap it in a box and tape the lid shut. Only come out when you are done creating a way to crush it.


Most people hate the winter time. The cold and darkness can be depressing but this winter is going to be different. This winter we will all be working on something. Create a plan to grind even harder at what you are working towards. Talk about it. Tell your friends. Write it in your fridge. Remind yourself every day of your “why”. Dial in on your goals with such precision that success is inevitable. Create yourself and succeed.


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