Tasha’s Tips ~ Thanksgiving, Reunions, Parties Oh My

With Thanksgiving tomorrow and events coming up like class reunions and family parties, we want to make sure we are staying on top of our healthy eating! Everyone tends to struggle during these times, but I am here to help you out!! Check out some of my tips that won’t cause a food coma or a huge hangover in the morning.

~Eat before the event

I am not saying eat an entire meal so you aren’t hungry during your event, however if you eat something small like an apple before you go you will most likely eat less there. The fiber from the apple will help fill you up! When we are hungry we usually make poor choices, so eating something before will help guide you in the right direction to choose the healthier choice.

~Check out the food

Make sure to take a lap around the table and check out all the options of food available to you. This way you can make healthier choices instead of filling your plate only to find that your plate is full and you didn’t make such great choices.

~Veggies, Veggies, Veggies

I cannot stress enough to get those vegetables! Try to eat a small plate of carrots, broccoli, etc before you eat anything else.


We all know that alcohol is empty calories, however I want you to enjoy your event! Choose a red wine or clear liquor. Have a vodka and water or a vodka and club soda, throw in a few lemons and limes to get that citrus taste. Also, try and keep your drink limit to 2.


Drink a glass of water before, during and after your event. This will keep you hydrated! You all know how we preach that water is your best friend! Drown yourself in it.

~Focus on the event

Spend your time at your event catching up with family or if you are at a class reunion take time to reconnect with your old classmates. Focusing on doing this will help steer you clear of the food. Enjoy yourself, the music, people and ambiance.

~Position is key

If you are standing near the food or bar you will be tempted to keep picking at everything or getting drink after drink. If you position yourself away from both areas you are more than likely going to enjoy your time chatting than eating and drinking.

~Everyone loves dessert

I am one to be guilty of having a sweet tooth. When attending any event there is most likely going to be that dessert table, make sure to only have a few pieces. Choose wisely, enjoy those bites, but do not go back for seconds. If you still feel like you need more, try to drink a cup of coffee or tea to get rid of that feeling for the evening.

~Indulge (A Little) & Enjoy (A Lot)~

Tasha’s Tips ~ A Paleo Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner I wanted to give you a few suggestions on how to create an amazing Thanksgiving Feast for you and your loved ones! Check out these recipes and get to cooking.

Roasted Turkey with Sage Butter

12-14 lb Turkey
1/2 Cup Butter (Softened)
2 Tbsp Fresh Sage, Minced
2 Tbsp Fresh Garlic, Minced
1 Tbsp Kosher Salt
1 Tsp Freshly Ground Pepper
1 Lemon, Quartered
2 Small Apples, Quartered

1.) Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
2.) Combine the softened butter, sage, garlic, salt & pepper in a small bowl, mix well.
3.) Push the flavored butter under the skin covering all of the meat, then rub the remaining butter over the rest of the skin of the turkey top to bottom.
4.) Take the lemons and apples and place in the cavity of the bird. If they don’t all fit, place the rest into the roasting pan.
5.) Place the turkey UPSIDE DOWN into the roasting pan. This will keep it from drying out. Roast at 400 degrees for 1 hour. Remove from oven and carefully turn over. Roast for 1 hour. Test with a thermometer for 165 degrees at the thickest part of the thigh. Remove from oven and let it rest for about an hour. It is important to let the turkey rest for at least a half hour before cutting, it will keep all the juices from running out and leaving you with dry meat.
6.) While turkey is resting, pour the juices into a measuring cup. Skim off the fat and add about 1/2 cup of water to thicken. Puree in a blender and re-heat before serving.

Cauliflower Stuffing

4 Tbsp Butter
1 Onion, Chopped
2 Carrots, Chopped
2 Celery Stalks, Chopped
1 Small Head of Cauliflower, Chopped
1 Cup Mushrooms, Chopped
Kosher Salt
Black Pepper
1/4 Cup Chopped Parsley
2 Tbsp Chopped Rosemary
1 Tbsp Chopped Sage
1/2 Cup Vegetable OR Chicken Broth

1.) In a large skillet melt butter, adding onion, carrots and celery. Sauté until soft.
2.) Add cauliflower and mushrooms seasoning with salt and pepper. Cook until tender.
3.) Add parsley, rosemary and sage. Stir until combined, pour broth and cover with a lid. Cover until tender and liquid is absorbed.

Mashed Cauliflower with Garlic

1 Large Head of Cauliflower, Cut into florets
1/4 Cup Almond Milk
1 Tbsp Ghee
Head of Garlic
Fresh Chives, Chopped

1.) Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
2.) Cut garlic into individual cloves, place in aluminum foil and drizzle with olive oil, seal the foil around the garlic. Bake for 25-30 minutes until cloves are soft. Allow garlic to cool than squeeze the roasted garlic cloves out of the skin.
3.) Place a couple inches of water in a large pot, once the water is boiling place steamer insert with cauliflower florets into the pot and cover. Steam for 12-14 minutes until tender. Drain and return to the pot.
4.) Add roasted garlic, milk, ghee and salt to the cauliflower. Using a food processor combine ingredients until smooth. Top with chives and ground pepper.

Bacon Roasted Brussels Sprouts

1 Lb Brussels Sprouts
2 Slices Bacon
1 Tbsp Garlic Infused Olive Oil
1 Tbsp Whole Grain Mustard
1 Tsp Coconut Aminos
2 Tsp Honey

1.) Preheat over to 400 degrees.
2.) Trim the ends off the sprouts and cut in half. Place on a baking sheet and toss with garlic oil.
3.) Dice bacon and sprinkle on sprouts.
4.) Bake for 20-30 minutes, until sprouts are browned and bacon is crisp. Toss the remaining ingredients on top.

Paleo Biscuits

3 Cups Almond Flour
1 Tsp Baking Soda
1/4 Tsp Sea Salt
2 Eggs
2 Tbsp Honey
1 Tbsp Lemon Juice

1.) Preheat over to 325 degrees.
2.) Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl. Add the wet ingredients to the center, stir in the center until mixed, then stir in the almond flour until dough is formed.
3.) Drop a large scoop onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Flatten to 1-1/2 inches.
4.) Bake until lightly browned, about 20 minutes.

Pumpkin Pie

For the crust

1 1/4 Cup Almond
3 Tbsp Ghee, Melted
Pinch of Salt

For the pie

1 -15oz Can of Organic Pumpkin
3/4 Cup Coconut Milk
1/2 Cup Honey
3 Eggs
2 Tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice
1/4 Tsp Salt

1.) Preheat over to 325 degrees.
2.) Mix crust ingredients until a dough forms. Press into a pie plate, bake for 10 minutes. Set aside to cool.
3.) Add filling ingredients to a food processor and process until smooth. Pour into crust and bake for 50 minutes or until the filling is set. Cover crust with foil if it browns too quickly.
4.) Cool completely, refrigerate for 2 hours.

Enjoy the Paleo recipes, I hope they turn out nice and tasty. I would just like to say, I am so thankful for each and every one of you at Fit Tribe! You all make my day feel so alive, I am truly blessed. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Rosie’s Ramblings – Plateau


At some point, we all reach a moment where we feel stuck. It’s like you’re banging your head against the wall expecting your headache to go away. You aren’t moving forward, but you aren’t moving backwards either. You’re stuck in neutral.

Plateau. It’s a hard place to be. It’s frustrating. It makes you want to tear your hair out. It makes you want to yell into a pillow and throw your arms around like a toddler having a temper tantrum.

It’s continuing on, not knowing when the plateau will end that creates character. It’s trusting in yourself, your process, and your abilities so unwaveringly that you press on. Every step forward is a step in the right direction.

It may feel exhausting or pointless at times, but continue on. The person you become at the end of the plateau – slightly battered and beaten, tired, relieved, and exalted – is one much stronger than the person who started.

No journey is linear. There are dips and climbs and forks in the road that throw our path into a tailspin, but without this, reaching goals would be too easy. There wouldn’t be any excitement in it. It would be like asking a high school senior to take a first grade math test, pointless. The senior is so far advanced from 1 + 1, that there would be no feeling of satisfaction from passing that exam. You need a goal that challenges you, and likewise, changes you to become a better person because of it.

Diamonds are formed from high temperature and pressure. Continue to apply pressure to continue to work hard and heat up the motivation. From that, the plateau will drop away and a diamond will be formed.

“No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.”

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Tasha’s Tips ~ Fashion Tips for Every Body Type

First thing is first, we want to figure out your body type so we can apply the correct fashion tips and trends. Not all colors and fabrics are flattering to every figure, follow these tips to dressing the best possible way for your body type! Always keep in mind fashion should be comfortable because if it is not, you won’t be that confident, powerful woman you are! Confidence is key!!

Once you figure out your body type, dressing yourself will become a lot easier. You will find what looks the best and what to stay away from. There are four main types that us lovely women fall into in some way they include;

Apple – This body type is basically rounded all over with thinner arms and legs.

Pear – This body type has a smaller upper body compared to the
lower half. The waist is more defined and smaller in the hip and
thigh area. The upper body is smaller with a long neck.

Hourglass – This is known as the ideal body type, with a very small
waist area. The bust area is either average or full in size. This body
type is curvy all over.

Rectangle – This body type is most seen in athletes. Slim hips, thighs
and waist areas. The back side lacks curves and the bust tends to be
on the smaller side.

Fashion Tips for our Apples

With this body type being rounded all over, we want to choose colors that give the slimming effect. When in doubt, go with black. Black is always the go to color! You can go with navy, dark greens, browns, etc. You also want to stick with solid colors, however if you want to spice it up make sure to keep the darker colors on the bottom. Avoid busy prints and patterns, subtle prints such as small polka dots and horizontal strips are great! Prints and patterns complement fuller figures when wearing them on the lower half of the body. The best fabrics for an apple body type are those that skim your curves, that have lots of room. Matte Jersey is one of the best, followed by cotton and wool blends. When accessorizing, a belt is a necessity. This will help create the illusion of a waist-line and add overall dimension. Pairing your outfits with long necklaces is always a great choice because it creates an illusion of a longer torso.

Fashion Tips for our Pears

When selecting the colors for our lovely pear body types, we get that freedom of picking all types of colors for the top half because it is smaller, so definitely experiment with the color of the rainbow! The lower half however, we need to stick with darker shades to slim our back side, hip and thigh area. If you would like to be adventurous and choose bold prints and patterns, stick with these prints for the top half. An all over print isn’t advised because it will draw attention to the larger areas and throw it off balance. Fabrics that are form fitting are very flattering for our pears. This will show off your petite upper body and your curvy lower half. Fabrics that are too heavy such as leather, wool, etc should be avoided because they add bulk. If you want to wear these fabrics, make sure to keep them on the upper half of your body. Dramatic earrings as well as long necklaces will accentuate the top half of your body! Glam it up ladies!!

Fashion Tips for our Hourglasses

Having an hourglass body type allows you to wear almost any color. This also goes for prints and patterns…Lucky Ladies!! Form fitting fabrics such as spandex, leather, cotton are always flattering. Heavy fabrics could be overwhelming for the upper half because it is so petite, so wear them carefully. Also, bulky wool and chunky knits should be worn here and there so you don’t get lost in the fabrics. Accentuating your small waist with an accessory is always great to throw into your wardrobe.

Fashion Tips for our Rectangles

We want to create curves for this body type, therefore light and bright colors are best. Dark colors will outline your silhouette, however they will slim you down instead of giving you those curves. Rectangle body types can handle bold prints and patterns the best out of these 4 body types. Stretchy fabrics like spandex, cotton and matt jersey are great for this body type as well as satin and silk because it outlines all the curves. The tighter the fabric, the better as this will allow the illusion of a waistline and curves! Chunky necklaces are great accessories to add bulk to the small bust, as well as long earrings which will open up the neckline.

Always experiment with different colors, fabrics and styles. Get creative but always remember what will look best on your particular body type.

~Style with Attitude~

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Motivational Monday




noun: appreciation; plural noun: appreciations

the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.”I smiled in appreciation of the hip hinge”


valuing, treasuring, admiration, respect, regard, esteem, high opinion “her appreciation of the encouragement”

Sometimes it seems as though the only attributes we focus on about ourselves are the ones that we dislike the most. Or better yet, the ones that we think others may dislike the most about us. So we try to fix, fix, fix! We spend all of this time pressuring ourselves to fit into a certain mold or be something we aren’t that we forget the most important part. In your life you are already doing great and you are doing so because there are things that you are amazing at. You are needed for things you may not even realize. Let’s turn our focus.

Forget about your weaknesses and focus on your strengths. Utilize them in order to be a better version of what you already are! It is so easy for us, as humans, to look at others and compare ourselves in relation to how much better someone might be than us. Consider that the very person you are comparing yourself to might, in turn, look at you the same way.

Appreciate who you are.

I challenge you to start giving the world more of what you are great at. If you have a hard time figuring it out, ask someone close to you! I bet you will be pleasantly surprised by the things other people admire about you. Overall, think about what makes you unique and how you can help others. We could all benefit more by living in a community that is open to getting the best out of each other.

This week I encourage you to think about what you are great at, and find a way to be even better. You wear a lot of hats on a daily basis. Parent, Triber, Coach, Boss, Significant Other, and more! Choose one or two of those roles and think about ways in which you can expand your ability to be amazing at them! If you need somewhere to start, think about how impactful you can be as a Fit Triber! Our awesome Tribe is made of all sorts of personalities like you. We need you! There are personalities that support, encourage and motivate.

Appreciate who you are and give it to the world around you!

Happy Monday!