Your Exercise Prescription!

Does more exercise equal more results? Not always and many times it can be dangerous and result in injury. Many of us see extremely fit people and the first thing that comes to mind is they must spend hours a day in the gym.

Well, I’m here to tell you that more is not always better. In medicine, much research is done to determine the minimum effective dose. That’s because too little of the medicine won’t provide the desired effect, and too much can be or dangerous, or even deadly.

What researchers look for is the minimum effective dose, and when it comes to exercise that’s what you should be looking for. Too much exercise can lead to injury an increase in the stress hormone cortisol which leads to fat gain. That’s the reason why so many people toil away at the gym yet have little to show for it.

There is an inverse relationship between duration and intensity when it comes to exercise. Fit Tribe’s 30 minute workouts have proven that short intense bursts of exercise, create the biggest increase metabolism and the best results with the least risk of injury.

Losing fat and becoming healthy is not just about working out, it’s a lifestyle. Working out is the cornerstone of that lifestyle, but proper rest and nutrition are absolutely necessary to achieve results.

As I see it, there are four major components to making a health and fitness transformation. That is lasting and permanent.

1. Proper Coaching and Accountability
Living a healthy lifestyle is really achieved as a solo activity. Working out is more fun, safe and effective when done in a group and under the supervision of professionals.

2. Short Duration High Intensity Interval Training
Working out at high intensity for short durations under the watchful eye of experienced professional is paramount in achieving safe results.

3. Nutrition
Nutrition may not be as sexy as that killer ab workout you saw on Instagram, but the truth is those abs were made in the kitchen. Following a proper nutrition program is necessary. At Fit Tribe, we supply dietitian approved nutrition guides, meal plans and a seven day cleanse.

We also offer micronutrient blood testing and dietitian guided and customized meal plans. These dietitian sessions are covered by insurance 85% of time. It’s a new program for us and if you’d like to be one of the first to take advantage of this program, just reply to this email and we’ll get you set up.

4. Mindset
Without the proper mindset you’re doomed from the start. You need to make the decision to make a change to your life, commit to it, and that commitment with others. That’s what Fit Tribe is all about we’re here to help you set a goal and develop a mindset and belief structure that will allow you to achieve it. Both your coaches any other Tribers sweating besides you will help keep you motivated and dramatically increase your odds of success.

So remember guys, it’s not just about the time you spend in the gym. A myriad of factors need to be in place to achieve dramatic results. We’re here to put the pieces of the puzzle together for you. If you’re ready to make a change, simply reply to this email and we’ll get started.

Your friend and coach,


Fit Tribe