2 Weird Fat Loss Tips


Hey Tribe,

Some of the best ways to burn fat are tactics you generally wouldn’t think off, but I’m going to reveal some of the tricks we use to get our clients great results fast. Even when they’ve been stuck for months!

Eat More-Weigh Less…

Could eating more really be the key to losing weight? If you’ve been dieting for more than a week and your results have begun to taper off, having a cheat meal, or strategically overfeeding as I like to call it : ) could be the ticket to getting your fat burning back on track. 

Pretty sweet right? What other coach tells you to go eat pizza and ice cream? 

I know it sounds crazy, but it works in real life. The truth is that after 7 days of a caloric deficit, your metabolism will begin to slow down and just one cheat meal will kick it into high gear! So do yourself a favor a take a break from your healthy eating one day a week, to let your body know you’re not starving to death!

Do Less Cardio…

If your workout sessions consist of spending 30 minutes or more on a treadmill at a steady pace, you’re probably not burning as much fat during your workout as you’d like.

Plus you’re probably bored to death of it! Let’s face it, we all have things we’d rather do than waste our lives on the treadmill…

I’ve got awesome new for ya, you can get way better results from a 15 minute interval training session than you’d get from jogging at a steady pace for 30 minutes!

Not buying it? Oh ye of little faith! Don’t worry I have photographic evidence…


See marathon runners mostly train at a steady pace, where sprinters… Well sprinters, sprint. Go figure : ) 

The result is that on average, sprinters have about half the body fat percentage of marathon runners, in fact they have the lowest body fat percentage of any type of athletes.

And they have to eat like horses because their metabolisms are so jacked up!

Here’s how you can incorporate interval training into your routine:

Start with a 4 minute walk to warm up

30 Seconds Sprint

60 Seconds Walk

Repeat 10 times and then cool down for 5 mins

There you have it, if you’re stuck in a rut these two tips could be just what the doctor ordered…

Committed to your success,


Fit Tribe