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Who We Are

Fit Tribe isn't just another gym. We're a tribe devoted to supporting one another to become fit, healthy, and transform our bodies.

Stop wasting your time on trainers and
gym memberships that just don't work.

Fit Tribe is Philadelphia's ONLY 100% GUARANTEED fitness and fat loss solution, and we have the results to back it up.

Just take a look at how these Tribers have transformed with the help of Fit Tribe...

Who We've Helped

John Ryan Case Study from Fit Tribe on Vimeo.

Kim's Transformation Interview from Fit Tribe on Vimeo.

Why It Works

The science behind the results. One of the many secrets to the amazing results we're able to get for our clients at Fit Tribe is our Metabolic Acceleration Workouts... Every one of our workouts is designed to not only burn calories during your workout, but also jack up your metabolism for over 30 hours after your workout!

Our Metabolic Strength and Conditioning workouts have been scientifically proven to not only burn calories during your workout, but actually raise your metabolism for up to 36 hours after your workout!

Most personal training classes are designed around outdated methods of cardio and strength training. At Fit Tribe, all of our fast and effective 30 minute workouts are based on the science of Metabolic Training.


What You Get

From Us

  • You’ll receive personalized nutritional coaching and support, so you know what to eat and when to eat it for maximum results
  • Our workouts can be tailored for all fitness levels so you never have to worry about being left behind
  • We will personally work with you and and teach you proper exercise form so you can work out in a safe and effective manner
  • Our exclusive “Fit Tribe Trifecta” will burn stubborn, unwanted body fat around the clock

For You

  • Tone & Tighten your hips and thighs, so you can slide back the skinny jeans you've been missing
  • Lift & Shape your butt to get you into that sexy black dress you've been eying
  • Firm & Flatten your belly, and watch that stubborn muffin-top melt away before your eyes in time to hit the beach in that new bikini

14 Day Fat Furnace

For a limited time, we are offering a heavily discounted 14 day package for those of you who want to check us out without committing to anything long term. Click below for details!

  • 14 Days of Unlimited Metabolic Training Sessions at a time convenient for you
  • One on one Nutritional Consultation and Fitness Evaluation
  • 7 Day Fit Tribe Cleanse
  • 14 Day Meal Plan and Recipe List
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